Haircut before & after and some pumpkins

So, last last week I was out of town at a conference.  I only coughed a few times during my presentation, so that was good.  While I was only gone for two nights, I think that Isaac grew.

I forgot to do a before and after shot of Isaac's haircut, so I'm including those now.



Last night we went to a little gathering at Isaac's school.  I say that very loosely as he is only there for three hours a week and he hasn't even been there for the past two weeks since he was sick.  However, it was a fun fall event.  It was rather low light and my phone wasn't great in this setting, so forgive the bad pictures.

Isaac picked out a pumpkin.  By that I mean, he kept on touching the same one and slobbered all over it.  It's rather small, so it was a perfect one just for Isaac.  I think we're starting a tradition of him picking out his own pumpkin for Halloween.

A few tidbits and updates.
  • Isaac is walking all the time and even running
  • He is starting to hand me board books to read with him.  I love this!
  • The only animal sound he knows is Elephant, but he makes it unprompted when we read the word elephant in a book.
  • He is starting to pat his cheeks and then push them forward so his mouth looks like a fish.  He thinks it's hilarious when you do the same.
  • We are completely off bottles now!  Sippy cups only, hooray!
  • He is very good about washing his hands and teeth and taking his vitamins.
  • He is starting to open doors if they are closed, but not all the way latched.  In an old house like this, that is rather common.
  • He still loves:
    • Going outside
    • Rinky
    • Looking at the clothes in dryer when it is on
    • Clicking his tongue
    • Opening and closing anything
    • Musical toys
    • Wheels
    • Playing with the baby gates
  • His favorite food at the moment is raisins
  • He is starting to climb on top of things like boxes to look out of windows and reach things
  • He wants to be more and more independent.
  • He is starting to go down the stairs correctly, but only a few at a time


  1. Wow! I love the picture of Isaac at the window! He is really growing up!

    I also love the list of Isaac updates! I love how he is participating with selecting the book and making sounds of the animals! Cool!

    What a big boy!! Isn't time just flying?!


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