Weekly update

While it seemed like a busy week, I find myself scrambling for pictures.  And, well, once again we are already on Thursday.  That's always a surprise for me.

House update:  The laundry room is significantly cleaner with an amazing amount of vacuuming.  I didn't realize how dirty it was.  I moved all the appliances away from the wall and vacuumed the wall.  I also found out that the previous home owners had a cat at one time as there was kitty litter under the beer fridge.  Either that or they had an oil spill and used the fridge to cover it up.  Neither would surprise me.

I had an extra canvas and paint from my wall art a while ago.  I made something for Alex's office that was very Dexter-inspired.  I made sure to use a triad color-scheme including the paint in his office.  The purpose is to inspire creativity after all.  That's hard if you are surrounded by a bad color scheme (think of the apricot-colored walls in my office that I had to tone down with blue-grey)

I've attempted to insulate the duct work in the crawl space.  Let me just say this is super hard with XL coveralls and gloves needed to work with fiberglass insulation.  Plus, it's dark, full of cave crickets that crawl on the ceiling & if you get too close they jump, and I had to get a super thigh work-out just to be in there.  This job is much harder than I anticipated due to tape sticking to my gloves and the fiberglass not being wide enough for my original plan of wrapping he duct work length-wise.  I accomplished about 1/8 of my total goal.  I'll revisit this and promise to get a picture in full gear.  I realize now that I missed a great photo opportunity.

 Baby/dog update: Isaac is walking more and more each day.  The total I know of is 14 steps in a row.  He takes several, then plops down on his bottom and crawls the rest of the way.

Some pictures to reward you for my verbose post:

Super blurry, but fun

Vacuuming like daddy
Messy fridge, but having fun - selfie


  1. Great work on the laundry room!! Sometimes putting nothing new in a space, but just cleaning and organizing what you have makes a HUGE difference!

    I'm thoroughly impressed with the duct work insulation attempt! Be careful and good luck!!

    Baby is cute as always!! Hooray for walking!


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