Reunion and baby

This past weekend, I went to my 10 year college reunion.  I was able to catch up with four friends.  It was great just being able to chat, walk around and see the changes to the beautiful campus buildings and town, and even get a famous shake from our favorite greasy-spoon.

At the point overlooking the river from campus.
I took off Monday, so I was able to spend time with the family before I went back to work.  I'm so glad I did b/c Isaac wasn't feeling well.  He has another small cold.  This one sounds awful and is making him not sleep well.  Fortunatley Alex's parents were in town while I was gone, so he had some help with Isaac's cold.  They even brought some wonderful presents.
Fun piano-sort of toy

Awesome suspenders, which help as we go into size 18mo clothes. (Don't worry, he doesn't sleep with them on.)

I think Isaac's cold peaked Monday night as he didn't sleep hardly at all.  It was a rough night had by all.  I ended up taking off the next morning so I could help.  He's already much better after having good naps yesterday and sleeping well last night.

Despite not feeling well, Isaac is walking much more.


  1. I'm so glad you got to go on your trip!! Hip, hip, hooray for Dad and grandparents stepping to the plate!!

    I LOVE the Isaac walking video!! He's adorable!!


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