Not just a baby blog

So, when I first started this blog, it was all about our house.  We've actually done quite a few things that haven't made it on here, and that's going to change.

For example, I put a new screen in our screen door, but accidentally pushed it, so now I have to redo it.  But, it's okay - I know how. :-)

I hemmed the fabric shower curtain liner after the fabric shower curtain shrank in the dryer. Sorry, no picture. I have a limited amount of time while Isaac plays & I'm not going back downstairs to take a pic. Rest assured it would be just a picture of tan fabric anyway.  All I did was cut about four inches across the bottom, fold it up twice for a finished edge while leaving enough room to reuse the long weight, then run it through my sewing machine.  You only see thread on fabric anyway.

I made a pillow for Isaac's room to match the upholstery on his rocking chair.

We've done a few other things here and there: organize closets, create a new mail station, etc.  Upcoming is a laundry room re-do.  I'm telling you this so I stay on task.  I've always hated this laundry room and thought that some simple upgrades would make a big difference.  I'm not willing to do anything too major b/c, well, let's be real.  I can work on projects in 20-minute intervals during Isaac's naps after I've done dishes, laundry, shower, drink coffee that is moderately warm, etc.  I had a few big plans for putting up peg-board over the concrete, which won't work unfortunately.  My idea of an actual ceiling probably won't work either unless I want a dropped ceiling due to the plumbing fixtures.  Blah.

So, my plan is: CLEAN (wash walls, vacuum cobwebs, dust); get rid of the fixed-shelf bookshelves that are too short to store anything; put up new shelves on the concrete wall, which requires special tools; reattach the wall that was poorly constructed; add foam insulation to help with the cold air seeping in during the winter months; and add a few finishing touches.

Okay, I'm not going to forget about Isaac.  Here is our future dentist.  It does run in the family after all.  He grabs my teeth then his teeth.  We're learning parts of the mouth right now.

I also have a few of us around the house.

Oh well, I guess it still is a baby blog.


  1. It can be both!! Good luck with the laundry room re-do! You can do it! And just cleaning will make you feel fabulous about always does me!

    Issaac is the cutest little dentist I have ever seen! Book me!


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