Labor Day Weekend

My Mother-in-law and our niece came in for a short visit and we had a great time.

On Friday afternoon our niece and I hung out while Isaac napped.  We had several sewing projects.  The first was a bad for Isaac's stuffed animals.  We made it out of one of Alex's old polo shirts that couldn't be worn anymore due to a bleach stain and a rip along the collar.  She sewed up the bottom and I cut off the sleeves and collar.

We also sewed a Cinderella 'before' dress out of a green sheet, a vest with a pocket to hold one of her toys, and arm cuffs out of the polo sleeves we cut off.  Everyone was in good humor while she dressed up like the wicked witch from Snow White and presented Alex with an apple: he took it and ate it!  Luckily I was there to give him a kiss, lest he fall into a deep sleep. 

We also enjoyed the slightly cooler temps and hung around the house. 

That evening Isaac and I stayed home and the others went to the zoo.  This actually worked out perfectly, so Alex could visit with family while the zoo was open late and Isaac could go to bed at a decent time.

Saturday was filled with Strange Donuts and the Magic House.  Much of it was too young for our niece, but we found a wonderful spot inside complete with a village.  It actually was quite cool.  They had a grocery store, auto-body shop, library, bank, electric company, water company, pizza shop, ice cream cart, animal hospital, and the impressive pond and stream with magnetic fish.

I'm apparently a horrible Auntie and I have no pictures of our niece at the Magic house. We did a bit more sewing, played with Isaac, and watched a movie that evening. 

The next morning, they were off to the airport early, but it was a great visit.  Thanks for coming!


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