One year ago...

... my little baby was born.  He took a while to come, but I'm so glad he did.  He has opened a new chapter to my life and added an important role to my other identities: daughter, sister, friend, wife, librarian, and now mom.  Seeing that smile each morning, having him reach for me when I come home, and hearing that giggle, even at 3:00 in the morning, has been so amazingly fulfilling.  I love watching him learn and discover the world around him.  He seems to do new and incredibly cute things each day.  We are so blessed and so lucky to have a healthy vibrant child.

Happy birthday, Isaac

Just a few minutes old:

What a difference a year makes:

Some likes:
  • Musical toys
  • Rinky
  • Saying words that get a response, like mamama & dadadada
  • Patting his chest, so I say "Isaac" and then mine, so I say "Mama"
  • Kissing pictures of babies in books
  • Petting Roy
  • Snuggling into Alex's or my chest as we rock him
  • Water (bath time, Roy's water bowl, washing his hands, etc.)
  • Waving
  • Clicking his tongue
  • Making noise
  • Furniture cruising
Some dislikes:
  • Diaper changing time (imagine crocodile wrestling with crying)
  • Being taken away from a toy
  • Having things taken away from him (sorry, you can't put cables in your mouth)
  • Having his face wiped after meals
I'll have pictures of cake and balloons up soon from this evening.


  1. Happy birthday, Isaac! You are an amazing boy! What a year it has been! What a year it will be! Welcome to toddlerhood!


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