Oh, right....

I was supposed to give you an update on Isaac's birthday.  Here's the breakdown:

We always thought the wide-eyed Isaac in the grocery store cart looking at balloons was due to excitement and amazement.  After bringing five balloons home on his birthday, we realized the look was actually terror.  Awesome.  The one plus of all this is that every time we walk by the balloons with him in our arms, he is even more affectionate. (Read between the lines as he clings to us with sheer terror.)  You'll notice that this is present tense.  We haven't taken the balloons away yet.  I'm treating the balloons the same as I treated the Walkness Monster and am refusing him to be afraid of awesome things.  He now loves the walkness monster, by the way.  I also learned that the Earth's supply of helium is alarmingly low due to party balloons.  So, mommy fail on two counts.

So the rest of the evening was great since we got the one bad things out of the way, right?  Well, you'd think that.  For a cake, I decided to make large cupcakes and frost them with heavy whipping cream beaten with powered sugar.  That was my idea to make them a little less sugar-loaded.  Well, he liked the wax candle, but when I gave him a bite of cake with icing, it triggered his gag reflex and, well, it wasn't pretty.

On the plus side, he got some amazing gifts and has already tried a lot of them out.  Hooray!

He is also now drinking cow's milk and has had a bit of peanut butter on toast.  So far so good.

A video of the little one jumping up a storm:

And walking with the help of a little lion:


  1. I love the videos!! He's so cute!! Also, you have to think that you haven't set yourself up for having to top the last birthday because Isaac so loved it that you will have to plan months in advance! I say "Score!"


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