Great week

Roy, Alex, Isaac, and I had a wonderful week.  (Yes, Emily, the oxford comma is necessary.) 

We were productive in the garden.  By 'we' I mean Alex.  He did a ton of work and it looks wonderful. He pulled out each weed by the root, planted new plants, and mulched everything.  This took him several days since he can really only work during Isaac's nap time or when I'm home.  We quickly learned that Isaac isn't the best helper outside as most of the time he is putting something in his mouth that he ought not.

We've been rewarded with flowers around the garden.  Here's a close up of the surprise lily as you see in the picture above:

We also have more Rose of Sharon blooming all the time now. I'm not going to do a serious of shots, becuase it's a little sad to see the flower petals crumpled and torn.  My main goal with this was so you could see the size.  They are pretty big.  They bloom in the morning and curl up at night.  Hmm, much like me.

Isaac is also eating more foods on his own.  I say that, but what I really mean is that I'm cutting up foods and putting them on a plate that I have to hold down otherwise it ends up on his head.  I guide his hand to pierce the foods (in this case, avocado & banana.)  I'm simultaneously trying to give him experience to better his hand-eye coordination.  Right now we still have a "Oh, honey, let's try to get the correct end of the utensil in our mouth." and "No, Isaac, you need to eat the food off the fork/spoon."  We also have several, "Good job hone... oh, um, thank you for sharing with mommy, but let's not launch it at my face." Bonus: the foods actually resemble their true form.

I also got a few on my phone's camera.  Man, you can really tell a difference in quality!

We had a game of Peek a boo even though I can totally see him through the plate.  He thought that was hilarious.

We even got out to the park for a little while.  This was Isaac's first time in the bucket seats.  He had an okay time, but was way more interested in the other kids playing.  He did smile some, I just wasn't great with my timing.  Part of the squinting was from the sun, too.


  1. The garden looks fabulous! The new foods are exciting! And the playground trip, I'm sure, is the first of many! Hooray! Great week!


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