Good week

It's been a fun week with Isaac.  We've really been quite silly lately.

You can actually see his eye color here.

Isaac is trying new table foods.  He loves the cereal puffs, toast, and crackers.  However, anything that doesn't feel the same, like peas, cheese, green beans, bananas (even though he loves them) are not something that he will put in his mouth independently.  If I mash them up and put them on a spoon, it's no problem though.  Sometimes I think my kid is British: he eats mushy peas and loves cheese on toast.   I've also tried something new thinking that he'd like to be able to take bites on his own (as he does with my toast in the mornings.)  Unfortunately, baked sweet potato fries were not a hit. Roy sure loves them, though.

More silliness:


  1. Aww! I love silliness! And "baby" silliness is the best! Cute!


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