Fourth of July fun

We had a wonderful long weekend with family.  I took Thursday off work, so we could travel and still have plenty of time to rest before going out to a fireworks display.  Isaac didn't sleep well in the car, but fortunately, he did fairly well at my parent's house.

Hanging out with some of the family.

Picking buds off a tiger lily with grandma Clara (she said this was her father's favorite flower.)

At the country club for the fireworks while my mother babysat Isaac.  Thank you, Mom!

The next day we had some more down time with family & we watched as kids played in the creek.  It's kind of fun to see them in the same spot my siblings and I played 25 years ago. :-)

We also had fireworks that Alex and I set off that evening, while my mother once again babysat.  The rest of the weekend included more food, fun, & family.  Alex and I even had a chance to go out on our own a bit.  Sorry I didn't have my phone with me everywhere, so not many more pictures of this.

On the way back home, we stopped at Alex's parent's house.  This broke up the drive and allowed Isaac to get out & crawl around.  Fortunately this wore him out long enough to sleep almost the rest of the way home.  Hooray!


  1. I love this post so I am going to steal it!! Thank you for coming in so long!! Isaac is adorable, Alex is so helpful and such a great sport, and you were so fun to talk to!


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