Arts & Crafts

I had a problem: two blank walls.  My office after my rearranging had a huge apricot colored wall that begged for something to be put there.  We also have a huge grey wall in the living room at home that needed something.

Enter my inspiration:

I'm not a color splash kind of person, so mine are a bit more subdued. Here's what came of it.  For my office:

For home (sorry, not a great picture):

You might notice that they are upside down.  I actually like them better this way and since I'm the artist, why not?

Isaac has been into some arts & crafts of his own.  We colored outside on construction paper.  And by coloring, I mean that I guided his hand with the crayon and he decided that he wanted to know what green tasted like.  Awesome.

Here are some pictures of Isaac just so you still know this is a Mommy blog.

Tuckered out after a walk

Just realized the camera was there


  1. I like the paintings and the baby! Cute stuff!

  2. The paintings turned out well!

  3. I think the paintings are great. You'll have to get better shots to show them off, though.


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