I admit it,

... all the mirrors in my house have tiny hand prints on them.  Cleaning them off everyday isn't a priority for me, but he gets a kick out of touching them. I choose to see them as cute smudges and smile as I walk past.

... I contain my son for his safety.  I push all our living room furniture together to make a play area.  As long as he is happy and can't get into anything dangerous, I think it's okay.  He gets to crawl & practice pulling up in a safe environment.  Plus, I get to put away dishes without Isaac trying to swim in Roy's water bowl.

... I don't turn on the monitor for five minutes when I put him down to bed.  This is as much for my sanity as it is for him to learn to put himself to sleep.  I hate to hear him cry for us, but he needs to continue to put himself to sleep even in this separation anxiety phase.
I realize this picture doesn't go, but he looks cute, so I didn't think you'd mind.

... I have mixed feelings about stopping pumping.  Today, June 1 is my last day pumping!  With the freezer stores mixed with some formula, we'll be well over a year by the time we're finished.

These pictures also don't go, but again, they are cute.

... I didn't get around to writing my full birth story until now: It's at the bottom of the post.  I wanted it for posterity before I forget everything.


  1. I love the furniture play pen! Cool and resourceful!

    The second picture of your profile is beautiful!

    And you have done an amazing job feeding Isaac! Give yourself a pat on the back and a bottle of wine!


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