Big week: Part 2

Alex's mother left on Thursday, which gave us a day of downtime before my sister and two of her kids came to visit.  It was wonderful seeing them and she brought a lot of clothes and toys.  Hooray!

It was a lot of traveling for them, so we had a relaxing evening in the first night.  We just had pizza and went out for ice cream.

The next morning we played in the basement when everyone woke up and got fresh donuts.  Abby and Alex have the same favorite - original glazed so we had to get plenty of those lest it come to blows.

After playing inside and out, the boys napped and Abby relaxed in the hammock before we went out for the day.

Grant's Farm was great.  I hadn't been there before & was thoroughly impressed.  It's huge!  We saw clydesdales, buffalo, cows, deer, goats, a python, hawks, a bald eagle, a porcupine, a hedge hog, macaws, an elephant, ostriches, and much more.  Isaac was mesmerized by the animal show.

My sister's daughter Abby loved it!  She is so into animals, caring for them, and learning about them.  She got a huge kick out of feeding milk to the baby goats.  Sorry I don't have more pictures, but I was busy taking care of kids and looking at the park, too.
This is a horrible picture, but you get the idea.  Isaac and I stayed out of the goat pen as they were a bit aggressive.  I did get him out long enough to pet the goats, though.
While nearing the end of our visit to the farm, we were in quite a storm.  Fortunately, we found shelter and waited for about 20 minutes until the worst of it passed.  Once home we rested and made chocolate chip cookies.

And of course we played in the basement some more.  Luke discovered jumping off the stairs.  Hmm, we'll have to get rails soon.

They left on Sunday morning, but not before playing inside & out again.

After looking at this post I realize that I don't have any of us on the first floor or in the backyard.  I guess this is just where my camera was.  We were out in the backyard quite a bit, actually.  Luke ran around pretending sticks were guns and Abby was in the hammock every chance she got. :-)


  1. What a fun visit!! And it looks like a lot of fun to get the cousins together! The boys look so different to me! But maybe a similar nose? Cute, cute, cute!


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