Big week: Part 1

Last week we went to a picnic with friends on Sunday afternoon.  We had great weather, good music, good company, and got to enjoy food trucks in a park.  Quite fun.

Alex's mother came into town on Monday.  We had a great time, though we were mostly just at home.  It's always great to visit.

She had a great idea to keep our wine rack interactive, but safe for Isaac as he kept on grabbing the bottles.  What do you think?

Her visit also gave me a chance to make more purees for Isaac.  This time I made peas and apple.
Blend with some of the steaming water
Freeze in easy portion sizes until needed
Enjoy... until your baby decides that it is too much texture.  Then push through a fine mesh sieve so all your hard work doesn't go to waste.

I bought herbs last weekend, but didn't have a chance to plant them before my MIL came.  Check it out:

Lemon grass for Asian cooking and to ward off mosquitoes.
Parsley, Cilantro, and basil for all sorts of yummy dishes
Sage & mint.  Plus, the lilac needed transplanting temporarily while we have the mound of stumps removed.
Garlic & zinnias.
This was quite a bit of work considering everything needed weeding and a fresh layer  of mulch.  I bet you are wondering how I could fit it in considering I'm working full time.

I'll share my secret with you.

All you need is a Master Gardener mother-in-law who doesn't mind working in the rain while your baby sleeps.


  1. Your posts look professional! And I admit that the last sentence and picture made me laugh out loud! Can I borrow her?!

    Also, love the interactive wine rack! Ha!


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