Just playing & curls

This past week has been pretty much same old same old.  I'm fine with that.  Actually it's kind of nice.  Here are some pictures of us just hanging out.
Playing with Rinky
For some reason he loves the diaper container.  The handle is apparently just too cool.
Hey, look at me; I'm in the grass.
I have dirty knees for the first time ever!!!!
Now that Isaac's hair is growing back in, we can really start to see the wave give way to curls.  It's kind of exciting.  These are post-bath pictures when his hair is still damp.

Also, a little note on food.  The black bean-banana were great except that we've learned that Isaac should eat beans in moderation.  A gassy tummy = an unhappy baby.  My latest creations of sweet potato-apricot as well as mango-banana are a hit.  The former is a little thick and needs to be watered down.  The latter is a little thin.  The latter would also be great in smoothie form with a little rum for mama.  Just sayin'.  :-)

A note on nursing/pumping (here's your opportunity to stop reading if you'd like.)

Isaac stopped nursing a while ago.  He used to nurse every morning, on the weekends, and occasionally as needed if we were out and about.  I thought that him stopping was a nursing strike, but it's been too long for that.  Plus, it was a slow decrease, not a sudden stop. Each time he'd nurse was just a little bit shorter than the previous time.  Once he was down to only nursing for 2-3 minutes, I'd supplement with a bottle since I didn't want him to go hungry.  He'd eat just fine from a bottle.  About four weeks ago we had our last 'good' nursing session.  I planned on stopping, so it was good to have one final good-bye.  I've tried several times since then, he'd latch and immediately let go.  I don't even try anymore.

I planned that Mother's Day would be my last day pumping.  I've been actively decreasing amounts each time so I wouldn't hurt when I stopped.  That was the plan at least.  Unfortunately, every time we try to give Isaac formula, he practically gags.  I'm not comfortable with stopping completely until we find a good replacement.  The scalded milk I have in the freezer will be gone in a few weeks and he really only takes the non-scalded milk when it's mixed with oatmeal. He has had it straight, but he won't eat much of it.  Right now I'm back up to making two bottles a day.  Hopefully we'll find a formula that he likes/tolerates soon.  I've signed up for some samples, so we'll see.


  1. The picture "Hey! Look at me! I'm in the grass!" is absolutely model-worthy! I LOVE it!

    And I am interested in the nursing/pumping saga. It's hard to do so kudos to you for keeping it up. I hope that you all can find a formula he likes soon. Remember that you are just a couple of months away from whole milk and he will like that!


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