Flower play

Hello, my name is Isaac and I am learning to wave.

 I honestly don't see what the big deal is.  I'm way more interested in standing up.  Pulling myself up is especially difficult.  You see, the frustration is that I know exactly what I want to do, but I can't always do it myself.  I tell my roommates what I want, but it's like they don't understand me sometimes. 

On a positive note, I get to take walks with the lady in the backyard a lot.  There are purple flowers that have come up.  The lady seems to enjoy this quite a bit.  However, every time I try to eat one, she won't let me.  No fun, this one.

Oh, and the lady and I go down the street to visit some other people.  They have roses & let us pick some.  Again, the lady seems to enjoy these.  I don't mind them.  I did find it funny when she kept on getting stuck with the pointy bits coming out of the stems.  Seriously, you'd think she'd learn.

Just so you know me a bit better, here's a selfie.

This is me trying to eat the pollen from trees.  Again the lady stops me.

She at least took a picture of my abs.  As you can tell, I've been working my core.

This is the guy I live with.  He's pretty cool.  He lifts me, which is kind of fun. 

I normally respond by biting his fingers when he isn't paying attention.  He doesn't seem to mind.  This is great because I spend a lot of my time with him and need someone who is easygoing like me.


  1. I love the format of this post!! Awww! And that onsie is too cute on him in the last two pictures! He is growing up SO fast! Whoa!

    And the book: "Have you ever seen a horse? A horse is a big, powerful animal...." I hope he is loving it!

  2. Isaac's roommates seem pretty cool, too!


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