Eating, sleeping, & playing

We had another week of fun with Isaac.  He continues to like the food I make him.  Below is him eating Potato kale puree.  I can get this to a really smooth consistency, so he loves it.  I sometimes add a little salt, but I haven't gone as far as to add butter or asiago, yet.  However, I think both would be great additions.

We are on the hunt for formula that he tolerates.  So far, we have tried several with varying levels of repulsion.  We have found that he is just okay with one, but if we mix it with my milk, then he drinks it just fine.  I unfortunately don't have much of this one, so we're going to try a few more mixed since I bought several in hopes that he'd be okay with one of them.  We'll see.  This is at least giving me hope!

He is also sleeping pretty well.  If he doesn't take a late-afternoon nap, then he goes to bed around 7:00, which is wonderful.  That way Alex and I get to spend some time together.  If he does take a later nap, then he doesn't go down until 8:00.  That's not too bad either.  That just means that he hangs out in his highchair while Alex and I eat.  One of us does dishes & the other one puts him to bed.

This has nothing to do with the post, but I thought I was getting a bit verbose, so I needed to break it up. :-)

Lately, Issac has been a bit timid of various things, such as new toys with moving parts.  We have one that you put balls into at the top, they spin around, and pop out at the bottom.  Apparently, that was freaking him out and he cried.  Was it the noise or the delay?  I'm not sure. Granted, this is the age for that according to WedMD, but I decided that he wasn't allowed to be afraid of awesome toys.  Instead, he just needed time and encouragement to warm up to them.  We started by just having them in the room.  Eventually he crawled over to it and lightly touched it.  We praised him each time he did this.  Then we took the balls out and he played with them separately.  More praise.  Eventually he explored more and more.  Below is a video of him warming up to the once-frightening toy. He's more interested in the iPad than the toy in the video, but you get the idea.  He's doing this about 100+ times a day now!

Warning: I'm a little loud in this video.

Oh, and the sheep noise-maker is piquing interest, but he still isn't too sure about it.  He is at least touching it and not crying, so that's something.  I think if it made noise every time he touched it, he would be fine; it's the inconsistency and the surprise when it actually does that freaks him out.

I've also learned to introduce new toys slowly.  He has a bead maze, just like this.  I put it in his room and he eventually noticed it, crawled to it, and played with it.  No tears!