A little independence

Isaac likes being able to stand with balance assistance (either from us or the couch.)  He's starting to army crawl as well. 
Hanging out with the family
Isaac is starting to discover new things as well...

I keep making new foods for Isaac. Two easy things that he really likes are pumpkin & banana and Black beans & banana.  I'll give you two guesses which these are.  Isaac is also starting to feed himself as you can see.  He tends to make a bit of a mess, but really enjoys it.

And let's not forget about Roy.  This is his way of saying "Sctrach my belly."


  1. Ah!! Break out the cabinet locks!! Do you have some? I am putting together a package for you and can add some to it. We have extra!

    I love the homemade-food-on-his-face look! Who doesn't look good in black beans!

    Love the army crawl, too! Motoring about!


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