MIL & Easter

Sorry this is so late.  It's been a rough week. 

Alex's mom came nearly two weeks ago and stayed for several days. We were so grateful for her help!  She watched Isaac and weeded the garden when he napped.  She even did dishes nearly every day.  Come back anytime!

Easter was a low-key event.  I think the realization that we no longer had help finally hit us and we were exhausted.  Our plan of lamb osso buco seemed too ambitious, so we just had a quiet dinner.  We did get some good pictures of Isaac in his Easter outfit, though.
I have flowers for you!

Wait, what are these green parts beneath the petals?
Whatever they are, they don't taste very good.
Happy again!


  1. I am glad you had Fran to help and I am glad you didn't stress over Easter! Isaac is adorable in his Easter outfit!


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