Lots of baby food - stage 2 - combination purees

I was able to make more food for Isaac recently since all my carrots and green beans have been devoured.  Well, that might be an exaggeration.  They were eaten, though.  In any case, he's now up to stage two foods, which is flavor combination purees.

I realize that Tyler Florence has a lot of awesome recipes that I want to try for Isaac, but I haven't followed any of them to the letter.  So far, he's given me great food & technique ideas.  Isaac seems interested, don't you think?

For now, I'm in the why-mess-with-what-works boat.  This new batch is organic carrots & organic green beans steamed & blended.
Heirloom carrots - aren't they pretty!
Yay for stack-able steaming :-)
Okay, so it's not the most appealing color, but he likes it.

It's actually been two weeks since I made these and I'm already out!!

We found that Isaac also likes avocados.  At first they were a bit too thick just mushed with nothing added, but after thinning them out, he ate them all.  Yum. :-)

If I can find relatively inexpensive blueberries, I want to try a roasted banana & blueberry puree.  You roast the bananas with the peel on!  I find it very interesting that he uses the dark color of the blueberry as a cover up the banana oxidation - how clever!

I also tried out roasted pears and carrot puree.  Alex said it smelled almost like caramel after they came out of the oven.

While the taste was great, the graininess of the pears and the small bits of carrots were a lot of new textures for Isaac.  He actually shuddered when he tried them the first time (apparently that's common when trying new textures & flavors.) The second time around went much better.
One of his first bites.  Not too sure about this, mom.
 Next up is Spinach & potato puree. These were just steamed and blended with some of the steaming water.  So far he's only had a small taste, but he seems to like it.  It's VERY smooth.  Considering textures are obviously important to him, he should like it.  I'm hoping so, at least since we have more of this than anything.


  1. I love that you are doing this for Isaac! The pear puree looks like something my kids would still eat from a squeeze pack! Yum!! The pictures in this post are great, too! I like the settings! Way to go organic mama!!


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