Great weekend... on second thought

It was so nice to have a down weekend.  I say this, but it was far from it.  Roy had MAJOR gastrointestinal issues, the likes of which have never been seen by anyone anywhere.  I told the whole story to a coworker and she got a bit woozy.  Because of that I'll spare you the gruesome details, but suffice it to say that we started Saturday morning bright and early with respirators while we bleached the hardwood floors & hosed out his kennel.  A vet-trip and new dog bed later, we're getting back to normal.  Hopefully Roy has learned his lesson to stay away from bacteria-rich rabbit poo.  I say this jokingly, but we really were quite worried about him.  Now that he's okay, we can poke fun. :-)

From yesterday - please ignore the cereal bag next to the recycling bag :-)
Now to the happy part - the rest of the weekend went well.  We had wonderful weather and were able to enjoy the outdoors.  Roy got a much needed bath (see above,) I did yard work, Alex worked on scraping the desk (to be repainted at some point,) and Isaac spent time playing on a new outdoor blanket that my sister bought me for my birthday.  Thank you, Christine!  Umm, sorry I haven't sent a thank you card yet, but you are getting a shout-out on my blog :-)

Evidence of yardwork & general outdoorsy stuff

A few updates worth noting. He loves:
  1. Playing peek-a-boo behind a burp cloth.  He covers up his face and pulls it down quickly to see our reaction.  He laughs when we say "there you are!" or "peek-a-boo!"
  2. 'Roaring' with us.  It's more like "Ahhhhh" than a roar, but it's a back and forth.  He thinks it's the bee's knees.  I'll have to get a video of this.  It's super cute.
  3. Roy - he reaches for him and tries to talk to him.  Roy doesn't respond in kind, but I think he does like Isaac
  4. His doll Rinky. Isaac stretches out his arms for him and even nuzzles him.  I think we've found his lovie. :-)

    Actual picture of Rinky
He dislikes / is afraid of:
  1. The vacuum.  He seriously cries.  Needless to say the basement carpet has been neglected.
  2. A sheep noise maker.  I have no idea why, but that bottom lip starts trembling if we turn it over. We even tried holding him & making "baaa" sounds to ease into it.  It didn't work.
    This is what I'm talking about:

 We've decided to put it away for a month before trying it out again.