As Roger sees it: Part 2

We played the tourist on Saturday and Sunday.  We checked out the brewery tour on Saturday.  We saw clydesdales, learned how to make beer, smelled the mash, and had lunch in the biergarten.  We finished up the day by hanging around the house and just generally having a good day.


On Sunday we went to the zoo.  Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Not to mention the kangaroos, birds, turtles, and sea lions. :-)

Thank you, Roger for coming to visit.  It was fun seeing you and a wonderful distraction before Isaac's procedure. 

A few of my own photos to end the post. Roger, I did have a posed photo of you, but it didn't really say 'Roger' to me.  These do:

Blurry, but fun.


  1. Things I love about this post: Your smile in the first photo with you in it, the way Alex is looking at Isaac when Isaac is holding Sophie and being happy, the joy in Isaac's face when he is looking at you taking his picture with Roger, and Roger's happy faces holding Isaac. Babies bring such joy!

  2. These are great posts! It was awesome seeing you guys! I love being able to follow Isaac's growth. Hope to see you all soon again!

    1. I saw this as soon as you posted, but keep forgetting to reply when I'm signed in. :-) It was great seeing you, too. Maybe we can schedule a time over the winter holidays if you visit your family.


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