As Roger sees it: Part 1

This past weekend Alex's friend Roger came into town.  He has a very good camera and took a ton of photos.  It's interesting to see how much a difference the photographer makes in photos.  Though we shoot the same subject matter, the composition, lighting, and overall feel are quite different.

This post's pictures are provided by him. 

Thursday was ugly and stormy, so we didn't really do anything except hang out & end up eating dinner in the basement. 
I love Roy in the background, here.
Any picture with baby & daddy are great.
Looking super cute as always.
Friday was much nicer, but a little on the chilly side.  The guys hung out around the house & just in town.  Later in the day we went to the Art museum.  Roger also took pictures, but you'll have to

The camera settings and lighting give Isaac a painted Gerber-baby mouth
Roger, he's reaching for you!
Oh, messy meal time!
Look at the camera, Roy
He still looks like he's trying to figure it all out.
Hanging with Roy
Night at the museum in front of one of my favorite pieces


  1. I am glad you all got to visit and I love all the photos! Isaac is really adorable and the photos are a bit different from your's! Love it!


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