Short & sweet, but dragons are included

Another text-skimpy post.  I'll let you come up with a fun story on your own as to why since the real story is rather dull.  I'll give you a starter... "The day dragons came to town was much as you would have expected."
Getting a well-deserved ear scratch - he's so patient with us & Isaac.

This is the "Hey, I was jumping just fine without that camera" face.

Notice the box in back - we still haven't taken out that darn Christmas tree.  The one nice weather day we had to take it down steps was spent doing other things.
He loves his bouncer seat (I don't know what else to call it.)

Notice the scratch on his face - I swear I cut his nails!!


  1. He's getting so big to be playing in those activity jumpers! Wow!! I can hardly believe it! And the proper name of the last one, which has gone through three babies starting with Olivia and doesn't look worse for the wear--you must have cleaned it well--is Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper. Love it!


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