Roy & Isaac: cute & expressive

One morning after feeding both boys I sat down in Alex's office to have my own breakfast.  Isaac was content playing and Roy was relaxing near us (after having been up for an exhausting 20 minutes.)  As soon as I took a bite of my toast, this is what I saw: Isaac turned suddenly and Roy sat at attention next to me.  Sorry boys, not for you.

A little while later the same morning with two toys and lots of smiles.  He obviously forgot that I didn't give him toast.

This is them playing beside each other under close observation.  We don't think Roy would ever intentionally hurt Isaac, but he's still so much bigger & play bowing accidentally on Isaac's leg or a large swishing tail to Isaac's head would really hurt.

Isaac used to sit up for a minute or two and then go to his belly.  Now that he is sitting up much more independently, he seems to be enjoying his discovery basket/bowl that Alex sets out for him even more.  The pictures below are from an evening that I was tending to laundry and decided to make a small basket to entertain him. He enjoyed it so much, that I thought I'd take a few pictures to share.  Granted I did have to have a lesson of "baskets are for holding things, not eating," but it's all a learning process.  Isaac replied that he just wanted to better understand the composition of the basket; since his sense of taste tells him more about an object than his sense of touch at this age, he decided to chew on it.  Needless to say, I was impressed at his budding vocabulary.

Please note I am kidding about the vocabulary.  So far, he's mastered: "ayayayay," "muhmuhmuh," "duhduhduh," and "bababa" with a few actual "mama's" and "dada's" in there.  Every now and then it seriously sounds like he is saying "Hi!" when we enter a room.  It's especially cute when he combines it with "Da" or "Ma."


  1. That first picture is cute and hilarious! I love to guess what they are thinking!

    The discovery baskets are a great idea and one my kids certainly loved. I think Isaac is really changing in looks since sitting up more. And his hair is SO blond! Cool!

    Those sounds are great!! And for six/seven months they are ahead of the ball game! Keep up the great work!


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