Happy Birthday and In-law visit

When I first started working, I remember trying to look older.  That's mostly because I handle negotiations for large contracts and I don't want vendors to look at me and think, "she could be my daughter."  Which, honestly, at the time was a real possibility.  While the possibility still exists, I now have six years under my belt and don't look so green.  I am also not as afraid to admit my age.  Funny, most people lie and go younger.  I used to hint at older :-).  I'm quite happy with my age at 32.

It was a great birthday week - I say this because celebrations weren't all in one day.  Alex set up my Sonos 1 speaker before my birthday, the in-laws came to visit, and we went two nights ago with friends.  My actual birthday was spent at the zoo, napping, and eating cake. It really was a good day overall with some added perks before and after.

Having fun with grandma & grandpa:

Grandma kisses!!

Wiggling in grandma's lap
Isaac's second trip to the zoo:
Inside the sea lion exhibit. Isaac watched as they swam overhead.

A rare sighting of a sock monkey and an orangutan under the same roof

The hippo's reaction to Isaac's jabbering... Not really - just a lucky shot.

A picture of the Asian elephants just for fun.  


  1. Aww!! Happy birthday, Sis! I'm so glad it was good; I'm so glad you celebrated well; and I'm happy you're reveling in your age!


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