Oh, Mr. Isaac

I wanted to get these up quickly since they are almost already out of date.  That means more pictures, less text.  I hope you don't mind too much.

This is Isaac in mid-play with peek-a-boo.

Proof that he is teething. This picture is a few days old, so his teeth have already progressed since then. Alex said this was hard to see, so I pulled out a close-up (which actually makes it look a bit odd, but I wanted everyone to see!

Looking extra cute over the weekend.  He actually has a bit rosier cheeks than normal because he isn't feeling well.  Alex was sick, then I got sick, and Isaac got a little bit of it, too.  This normally wouldn't be so bad, but since he's teething on top of it, it's made for a difficult time for him... and us.


  1. Isaac is so cute in all of these pictures!! What a doll! I love the stripes, rosy cheeks and all!

    And I am impressed that you know how to "pull out" part of a picture! Nice teeth, as Dad would say!


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