Food & personality

 So, my quest for making his food continues. I've been reading Tyler Florence's "Start Fresh"& that has helped.

I've learned to use the steaming water & a blender for a smoother puree.  That makes sense, so I redid the carrots into a MUCH better consistency.  While I was at it, I also steamed some green beans.

Isaac really liked the green beans.  To me they just taste like they need salt, but that comes later.

He likes the carrots way better now.

Alex found that I make faces when I feed Isaac.  This is the less embarrassing one. :-)

This is just for fun.  Isaac decided to style his own hair.  Amazing really considering he doesn't have the dexterity to do much other than bang the hair brush on furniture, but it was him.  No, really!


  1. I'm totally impressed with the baby food. Good going with the extra water for a smoother consistency!

    Also, you have to make faces so that Isaac knows what to do. "Open your mouth like Mommy!"

    His hair is so cute! Love!


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