An evening of photos & giggles

Let's start out with Roy since we don't do that much anymore.  He's enjoying relaxing & hanging out in the kitchen while I make dinner.  Experience has taught him that I'm a sucker & will give him a few bites of what I'm making.  Lately he's been the recipient of carrot peels, part of a cabbage leaf, and green beans (cooked of course as we remember his displeasure with uncooked green beans.)

Recently I thought Isaac was particularly photogenic & took several snaps of him before we started our evening routine.  This is what we wound up with:
Lots of fun kicking, of course.

He loves those toes when they are exposed!

Playing with Daddy.
Looking cute

Photo bombed by daddy!

Lots of fun with Daddy!

The fun continues.

Funny we get him so wound up before we start the nightly routine. I guess that's why we do reading while eating then rocking & signing before attempting to put him down for the night.

Oh, and I almost forgot the giggles.  He finds me getting in his face funny.  He's also rather ticklish.


  1. In reverse order:

    1. That video makes me want to coo at him! Oh, the joy! HE IS ADORABLE!!
    2. I can't tell which guy in the last two pictures is having more fun! I love dads and kids playing together! Beautiful!
    3. Isaac is ALWAYS photogenic as far as I can tell! But those are really cute! He is so quintessential baby!! LOVE!
    4. Hooray for Roy!


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