100 posts!

For my 100th post, I will not give you a "best of" like TV shows do.  That's a cop-out & terribly annoying.

Instead, I'll share something I normally don't - pictures that Alex sends me during the day.  Since I've started back to work post-baby, I miss the little guy.  Everyday I have some contact with home, whether it's a two minute phone conversation or a short email.  Alex often sends me photos of Isaac to show me that everyone's healthy & happy (plus it helps to look at photos when I pump at work.)

I'll share a few of these with you:
Wiggling around

A rare photo of Alex... with lots of baby spit up (not so rare)

Our boys have a staring contest

He LOVES this bouncer thing - thank you to my sister's!!

Looking cute after a meal.

Rolling around & having fun

I also have several from my phone as well.  I typically send a few to family, but mostly they just fill up my SD card for a rainy day.
Chillin' with Roy & sort of falling over after sitting up.

Oh the teeth! And check out those blue eyes - I think they look just like your's Christine!

Rethinking his original dislike of peaches

Happy in mama's arms.


  1. Oh! I thought I already commented on this one. I was just coming back for another look! My favorite picture is the last one--you both look happy! Hooray! I love the bouncer one, too, and the spit up picture of Alex. Isn't there some kind of apple-instead-of-head painting this is imitating? Hooray for 100 posts! Keep them coming!


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