Two teeth!

This baby doesn't mess around.  Why grow one tooth when you can just as easily push up two?  I don't have any photos of this and I doubt I will for a while.  What's stopping me? Well, every time I try to sneak a peek he covers up his budding pearly whites with: his tongue, lips, fingers, or anything that he has in his hands.  I can see the ridges very clearly on one and just barely on the second.  You'll have to wait to see the two little bottom teeth, but believe me, they are there!  Fortunately, we're back to our normal sleeping schedule now that he get's a half a dose of Tylenol at night.  Otherwise he cries and is rubbing his gums all the time.  Poor kid.  I'm hoping he pushes them up quickly and then doesn't get anymore for a little while.

This week has been cold again.  We've taken Roy to doggie daycare twice since it was below 15 degrees and had a severe wind chill (meaning Alex doesn't take Isaac out.)  Fortunately it's warmed up a bit, so hopefully their routine is getting back to normal.  And by routine, I mean: play, eat, play, sleep, repeat.

I had another photo session with Isaac.  This one turned out some goodies.  We did have fun doing this.  Isaac is almost at the stage of sitting up on his own.  He can hold a pose for about 4 seconds and then fall to one side or decide he's done & push himself backwards.  It also turns out that 4 seconds is the exact amount of time I take to get out of the shot, back to my camera, and him in focus.  So... yeah, no pictures.  I thought it would be a little cruel to take a picture of a face-plant & not help him first.

You can definately see when the clouds covered up the sun as my lighting wasn't as good.  This is in his nursery with a sheet up on his crib.  I have two big windows in there and the morning light is great... most of the time.

Do you like his onsie?  I didn't have an all red one with nothing on it, so I just turned a printed one backwards.  He didn't seem to mind.  Plus, it had the added bonus of covering up his diaper better.  Hooray!  Valentine's cards here we come.


  1. Awww!! What a cutie! That last picture takes the cake! He's adorable!

    And teething is no fun. Teeth often seem to appear in twos. The next two will probably be right above the two he has now. I hope you all get a break before then!

    1. Thanks for the photo compliment. I saved the best ones from that shoot for the card. You'll see them soon no doubt.

      And you're right about teething. Last night he was down late and this morning he got up early. Hopefully he'll nap well today.


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