Solid food

Let's be honest, the term 'solid' is used loosely at this stage.  It's more like runny porridge or vegetable mush.  Either way, though, it's a big step for Isaac.  We started out with rice cereal.  This was his very first attempt.  He did remarkably well.  I honestly thought he'd just push it all out, but he ended up eating quite a bit of it.

Since then, we've tried squash for several days.  He seems to be getting the hang of it pretty well.  He still smacks his lips, which is pretty cute.

Alex has also been working with him a lot by giving him a 'discovery basket' every day.  Sometimes it will have kitchen utensils, soft objects, or toys. Here he is playing with it one day.

A happy mama & baby:


  1. Awww!! Look at Isaac growing up and "eating" solid food!! What a sweetheart!

    And you and he are the cutest little mommy-son pair! Love it!


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