Let the teething begin

Isaac has started to teethe.  Nothing has broken the surface yet, but you can feel them when you run you finger over his gums.  He actually likes that quite a bit as I believe it gives him some relief.  He's started to chew on everything and is drooling quite a bit as well.  It's not at the gross stage yet, but I'm sure we're getting there.

Isaac is still enjoying food.  We've had rice cereal, peaches, and squash so far.  I thought he'd love the peaches, but it seems like that is his least favorite (see picture below.)  They say you have to introduce the same thing 10 times before he "develops a taste for it" according to experts on the Gerber site.  In another week we'll have the high chair from my sister that we couldn't fit into the car at Christmas.  Maybe this means I won't have to wear an apron while feeding him.... maybe.

It's been oh so very cold here.  We had another day today of -15 windchill.  Roy went to doggie day care so he could at least play.  It doesn't seem fair to him to be cooped up even though it is super cold.  We only take Isaac out if it's over 25F.  This is a picture on a 45F day.

Since Christmas photos/cards didn't work out, I'm planning on sending out Valentines Day photos. Here's a few from my first photo session.  We'll see how the next one goes this weekend.  Hopefully I'll get a few that I like enough to put on a card.


  1. He's super cute even if he is a drooler! It comes with the territory! And feeding him in an apron seems like a good idea!

    I like his little jeans in the Valentine's pictures. He seems to be saying, "Look, everyone! I'm getting a tooth!" in that last one!


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