Christmas with family (pictures galore)

We crossed our fingers and hoped that our holiday travels would go well.  For the most part, they did.  Isaac is great in the car and didn't fuss on our way to grandma's house.  He was a bit overstimulated that first day and let us know he was over tired that first night by waking us up every hour and crying.  We finally learned that the pack-n-play wasn't going to cut it.  We wrapped him up and put him in the car seat.  This is where he slept for the remainder of the trip.

We had a great time at Alex's parent's house & got to see his siblings and niece.

Isaac had a great time playing with everyone and received wonderful toys as well!

Aunt Babbi

Alex's Mom with Isaac
The trip from Alex's parent's house to my parent's wasn't bad at all.  Isaac travels well in the car.  Once there he was able to spend time with more of his family!

The kids got a kick out of Isaac
Aunt Victoria with Isaac

Isaac with his great Grandma
With my sister's & their youngest
Next post: the after-Christmas miracle of sleep