Tummy Talking Gingerbread

Issac is mastering tummy time.  He's so much stronger now because of it.  I'm hoping this will help with his head shape, too.  It's a little flat in the back.  We'll see.

Sometimes it's hard to get the lighting just right, but this day it worked out well.  I love this picture. :-)

Alert & oh so cute during tummy time
He's also discovered his thumb in the past few weeks, but I haven't had a really clear shot until now.  He often sucks on several fingers, but he favors his thumb.  As you can see, he doesn't even mind the occasional fingers in his eye as long as he can get what he wants.  Such dedication! At night he often pulls out his pacifier and goes for his finger or thumb instead.
Putting himself to sleep with the aid of his thumb
He's also been talking quite a bit in the last few weeks.  He's really good at jabbering away then stopping when I get a camera out.  Here's a bit of the jabber:

This past weekend I had a ginger bread house decorating party as my normal pumpkin carving party wasn't going to happen with me still healing at the time.  The hot mulled apple cider and warm feta appetizer went over very well.  (I skipped the pink peppercorns)  Joy the Baker has a similar recipe, but I thought with all the candy, it might be too sweet.  I'll include gingerbread house pics later, otherwise this post will be super late.

Here's the aftermath; I pretty much just wrapped up everything in the plastic tablecloth and tossed it out, save a few items. Easy peasy:

We also discovered that Roy likes royal icing as he licked the roof of my house and wagged his tail for more. I can't imagine that would be vet approved.