Daddy knows best

I'm back to work full time now.  Alex is watching Isaac and doing a wonderful job!  By the time I come home Isaac has been fed three times and has had a full day of playing and napping (more former than the latter.)  Alex is in tune with Isaac now and knows his cries better than I do.  A fact that is both comforting and a bit sad for me.  He's keeping up with developmental stages (like knowing that Isaac should have a minimum of 20 minutes of tummy time by now) and taking him to Dr.'s appointments (Isaac is over 14 lbs and 23 inches long.)  He's also doing well around the house.  When I come home it DOESN'T look like a tornado hit, so that's always a plus!  He is also super sweet to send me pictures of my little guy while I'm at work.

Tummy time with Daddy
I haven't quite found a good balance with work and home yet.  My first full-time Monday was rough since we were at a hotel the night before & I packed in the dark.  I ended up with no undershirt & no dress socks.  Alex had already run back to the house to check on things & pick stuff up, so I didn't want to add to his list of to-do's while there.  The rest of the week was okay, but it's been an adjustment.  I'm sure I'll get there.  I've only been back a little over a week after all.

This past weekend was great & short.  I was able to spend a lot of time with Isaac.  I was also able to put my maternity clothes away.  I still have a few pants and nursing things, but not many.  Speaking of nursing, I was kind of torn with the decision of stopping (for time, comfort, convenience, getting back into shape) or continuing (I'm able to, cheaper, good for him, feels like I'm doing something for him even though I'm at work.)  I finally decided to continue throughout the worst of the cold/flu season for the immunity benefits, so at least the end of Feb.  He'll be a little over six months then.  I'll reevaluate at that time.


Just so you know he cries sometimes


  1. I am totally impressed with both of you! Hooray for Alex for jumping right in there, being the stay-at-home dad, and doing great with Isaac and the house! Hooray for you for hanging in there at work! It's all an adjustment and it looks like Team Vix is doing wonderfully! Remember that you all are a team--everyone has an important part to play!

    Isaac continues to be a super cute baby! I love that Isaac is using the play walker already!! Cool!


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