Since I made you wait two weeks for the last post, I'm adding another one to this week.

As previously mentioned, Alex is taking care of the boys while I'm at work.  Part of this includes having Isaac do tummy time.  Often, we just put something on the floor (changing pad, blanket, etc) so Isaac doesn't get Roy hair all over him.  One day Alex was preparing for this & Roy decided that he, too, liked a bit of extra padding.  Though he has beds placed around the house, this was just too tempting. :-)

Alex said that it couldn't have been on the ground more than 15 seconds & that he didn't even hear Roy get off his bed in the dining room & go to the living room.  Roy: the ninja dog.

I also have a few shots from my phone.  The selfie of us isn't the best one of me, but I think you can see him well, so I'm including it.  I've also noticed that he's not necessarily smiling in these, but he is content.  I think he's kind of wondering what I'm doing, to be honest. :-)  Occasionally he jumps once he hears the sound of the camera.  I know his first sentence will be, "What the hell, Mom?"

Thanksgiving went well.  Alex's parents came in & we totally cheated for dinner.  We ordered in & it was fabulous!  Considering this was the first time hosting & with an infant, it worked out well.  Plus, everything was delicious (this was my biggest fear.)  We also had plenty of leftovers (this was my second-biggest fear.)  It was great.  They did a few things differently such as larger onion pieces in the green bean casserole & pureed sweet potatoes instead of whole, but it all worked out very well.  The latter was probably my favorite, actually.  Overall, I highly recommend it.

Isaac & Grandpa
We still went on walks, but it was chilly.  We want to make sure Isaac stays warm, though.  What do you think?  Again, "What the hell, Mom?"
Very bundled up for a walk


  1. I love the look on Isaac's face! Very attentive and inquisitive! And that last picture is Ralphy from "A Christmas Story"! Ha! He is not going to look like a newborn at all by the time I get to see him! :(


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