4 months & Christmas is coming

Isaac had his four month check up on Thursday.  He's a little over 15 lbs and is 26 inches long (or was it 26 1/2?)  Anyway, the Dr. is happy with his progress and thinks Isaac is doing very well. Fortunately, now that he's a bit older, Isaac can have the combination vaccines, so he only had to have two shots.  Apparently Alex is super Dad, because just as Isaac was about to cry, Alex scooped him up and calmed him.  The nurse was impressed to say the least.  He made up for the lack of tears later when he screamed until he was nearly hoarse.  A little Tylenol went a long way that afternoon.

In other news, Isaac is sleeping more.  That first night after the appointment, Isaac slept from 9:30 pm until 6:30 am.  The next night was close to the same, but he woke up twice for a few minutes.  The third night wasn't quite as good, but still okay.  Last night he woke up at 1:00 for a little while, and at 5:00 am he was HUNGRY and would not be calmed.  Thank goodness for coffee.... for me, not Isaac.

We found out that our 10 ft ceilings don't quite accommodate our 9 ft tree with a tree stand.  Oh well, it is still pretty.  Yay for pre-lit trees :-).

I took a few shots of Isaac in his Santa suit.

Looking super cute
Umm, you're in my shot.
Gearing up for a long night of delivering presents
With ISO really low for twinkling lights, though that aren't as twinkly as expected


  1. Your pictures are great! I take it back, I don't think you ever need to take him to a professional! Isaac is a doll in that sleeping Santa picture!

    And way to go Alex! Super Dad for sure!


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