It was a dark and stormy weekend

And by dark I mean that we had no power.  Alex was out of town for a conference and his mother was here to help out.  Here's the story:

Isaac with Grandma (he spit up on that sweater)
Alex's mom came in Thursday evening to watch Isaac since Alex was leaving on Friday morning.  That evening we relaxed and hung out with Roy and Isaac.  We had a lovely Saturday with a trip to Target (Isaac's first) and quite a bit of play time before dropping Roy off at a boarding place.  Sunday was unseasonably warm and we took a long walk and my MIL raked leaves in the morning.  We knew it was likely to rain at some point, so we wanted to take advantage of the weather while we could.  Just when we were about to go out to run an errand the wind came up to a roar suddenly and created miniature cyclones of leaves in the yard and rain (& hail?) smashed sideways into the windows.  We had no warning; it was 0 to 100% within a few seconds.  I grabbed Isaac and we ran downstairs.  As soon as we did the lights went out.  We looked on our phones for weather info and found out the the next two hours were the worst.  We stayed in the basement for that time: fortunately Isaac was asleep in his swing most the time and we had a cold lunch and a nap.  Only after did I realize that I could light the gas range with a lighter (to get around the ignitor not working problem) and our leftover spaghetti could have been hot.  Oh well.

(This was taken later with light)
Confident in our Electric Company's ability to get the power back on quickly, we decided to go grocery shopping and charge our phones in the car. When we left a man from the Electric Co showed us the live wire in the front yard & said they'd try to get to it tonight.  WHAT!!! Why not now?  Isn't this top priority??

By the time Alex got home Sun evening we knew that 27,000 people in the county were without power, so we didn't have much hope for the power to be restored quickly.  Too bad I just bought groceries.  We also discovered how great our neighbors are. Just two doors down they had power, & they offered to help, so we stored some milk from our fridge at their place.  I made a reservation at a hotel so we would at least have some comfort.  Unfortunately, Isaac didn't feel the same. He cried throughout dinner and for a while back at the hotel (also a first for him.)  He eventually calmed down and slept fairly well.

It was a bit stressful, but it all worked out.  Just a bit of fridge cleaning (sorry Alex) & things were back to normal.  Well, almost normal, I started going back to work full time this week.  Needless to say, Monday was a bit rough... but I'll save that for the next post.


  1. What a rough weekend! But, first to focus on the positive...I'm glad that Fran came in and you and Alex had a night out! Woohoo! And I am SO glad that you, Fran, and Isaac did not go running errands in the moments leading up to the storm! So scary. Isaac looks 110% cute in that swing sleeping in the brown sleeper. I cannot wait to meet him!! Seriously, my heart just melts looking at these photos!

    And now, please, pat yourself on the back for keeping it together during the storm and aftermath despite a crying baby, a safety hazard in your yard, and being displaced from your house. You just keep getting dealt a bad hand, but you continue to play so well! Your good round is coming!

    1. I didn't really think of going to the hotel as a night out, but I guess it was :-) Thank you!


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