Halloween & others

Isaac had a few Halloween outfits.  Alex and I chose the two that we liked most.  I don't think Isaac had a strong opinion either way.

Alex's parents came to visit over the weekend.  This was the first time Alex's Dad saw Isaac, so that was kind of exciting. :-)  We had an excellent time together and even did a few firsts: We took Isaac to the zoo for the first time.  I didn't think to take pictures, sorry.  We also took him out to eat with us.  That didn't go quite as smoothly as we hoped.  We think the time change kind of threw off his schedule a bit.

I have recently discovered that Isaac likes to hear me sing - especially Amazing Grace.  I think the melody acts like a pacifier if he's a bit fussy. If I want to get something finished like dishes before I feed him, I'll sing the song.  I only knew three verses, so I had to look it up.  It'll buy me a few minutes at least.  While he doesn't cry at the shear beauty of my voice, he does smile and coo quite a bit. :-)


  1. That second picture is just adorable!! He is looking more like Alex, I think!

    I'm glad that singing helps calm him. That always worked for my kids, and often still does!


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