I remember...

I remember when I used to have 'go-to' posts ready so I would be able to post on this blog at the same time each week.  I remember when I thought "I'll have plenty of time while home with Isaac to also clean out some closets."  I remember when I could have more than one cup of coffee or one glass of wine that didn't have to be timed perfectly with Isaac's meal-time.  I remember when I couldn't function on less than six hours of sleep.  Oh how times have changed.

The below picture is my attempts to get myself in a picture with Isaac.  I only attempt this when I actually am out of pajamas and have at least some make-up on.  This is the first try - it can only get better from here.  Also, don't judge my pooch -  I have the belt that the hospital gave to me in recovery under my shirt, so I look a bit lumpy.

I have a lot of phone photos when I think he's being cute.  This is one of them.

Isaac is enjoying the weather.

Roy is, too.

More phone photos...

Last one.

In other news, my Dr. cleared me for regular activities.  Hooray!  I can actually exercise, vacuum, and carry laundry up and down stairs again. My one exception to exercise is anything abdominal-specific for at least 3 months.  At this point, since I'm still making all Isaac's food, so I'm not going to stress about dieting (I'm still supposed to have 500 more calories than pre-pregnancy.)  I still have 7lbs to go, but it's my shape that I'm concerned with.  I would like to be able to recognize my abdomen again. It's, well, not what I'm used to.  I know, I know... it took 9 months to stretch out, it'll take more than 6 weeks to go back.  


  1. You look *wonderful* for a person who has gone through so much to bring this lovely baby boy into the world. Please be kind to yourself. :). I'm glad you're cleared for most activities. Yay!

  2. As a side note, WHAT is the wall color in the first photo? :)

  3. Seriously, Heidi, you look great! THAT is what I was thinking when I saw the picture, and I almost laughed when you wrote not to judge. Remember that we are our own worse critics. You are doing great! I'm SO glad that your recovery is going well, too. You have gone through so much to be doing as well as you are today, which I might add, is much better than I was doing six weeks into motherhood and I didn't have a c-section or later hospitalization!

    And Isaac is adorable, cute, and so "awe"some!

    All my pictures are phone pictures anymore! I'm just glad you are taking some! Please continue to put yourself in them! I love the first one! It reminds me of the one I took of me with Leo when he was young and then again recently.

    You are a great mom! Keep telling yourself that until Isaac can talk and can tell you himself!

  4. Lea Ann - It's Valspar's "Sharkfin" It's the perfect blue-gray. Alex picked the color family, I picked the actual color. If you're getting any ideas, remember what Linda W said about the room getting smaller :-)

  5. And, Thank you! to both of you. :-)


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