Back to work

My first week back at work went well. I'm working half days everyday of the week.  I chose to go back a few weeks early so I could do this up to four weeks if we want.  There was some feeling of a break in that I didn't have to feed or change anyone, however I was more than ready to pick him up by the time I came home.  Thursday, I was ready even before I came home, but I was okay.  Isaac seems to be unfazed, which makes me feel better.  He knows he is loved and Alex is doing an amazing job taking care of him.

Alex seems to be getting into a good routine with Isaac in the morning.  I come home and then Alex takes Roy out for his first walk of the day.  Roy is still a bit clingy, but doing well.  He does compete a bit for attention as you can see.

And another cute photo...

and video


  1. I'm glad the week back went well! You are such a great mama to roll with it! And I am so impressed with Alex! Way to go, Dad!! (Is he Dad or Daddy? Or something else?)

    Isaac continues to be super cute! I love the video! I can hardly wait to meet him!!


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