A week in review

Sunday: Mastitis is terrible!  A fever that has caused me to shake with chills is my second sign (after pain) that this is coming on.  I tried to work out the blocked duct that I could feel for the past three days, but it seems I only delayed the inevitable.

Monday: I was able to get an antibiotic quickly.  However, taking it every 6 hours is inconvenient and having to avoid meals by two hours can be difficult at times.  Fortunately no nausea with them yet, though this kind is known for that.

Tuesday: Still in pain, but thankfully I'm still able to pick Isaac up and lift my arms.  A friend had it a few weeks ago and couldn't even lift her arms or pick up her baby :-(
Obviously, he is eating well!
Wednesday: feeling better.  We went out for a short walk to celebrate as it had been several days since I've been able to.

Thursday: Roy is really showing signs of adjusting.  He's a little more clingy & wants to be near us a lot & is following us to each room.  The least we can do is make him comfortable. :-)

Friday: Trying to get back into the routine of having tummy time everyday.  Daddy is much better about remembering to do this.

Saturday: After not a great night, we've decided to work on an actual routine & get up the same time each morning.  We used to have him dictate the time he would wake up. Hopefully, with time, this will help everyone's schedule.


  1. What a week! I'm sorry mastitis hit. Now that you have had it, you are at greater risk of getting it again. Be wary. :(

    Isaac is adorable in every picture you post! Looks like he wasn't affected by Mommy not feeling well!

    You two are great dog parents!! We struggled with Ringo and Puck when we first brought Olivia home.


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