Turning into a baby blog

I have no updates on the house or events we attended.  This is all baby all the time... at least for now.

This week has been much of the same - one day at a time.  I tend to forget to take pictures with my regular camera, so I have a few on the same day.  I didn't think you'd mind much.
His very first sweater vest!
I keep Isaac awake after he eats typically, but this day I found it particularly difficult.  I even put him in lots of positions that should be uncomfortable, but still he sleeps.  This was me giving up and putting him down next to me on the couch with the boppy to hold him upright as he tends to spit-up a bit when I can't get him to burp properly.
So sleepy
 Often times Isaac doesn't get the point of tummy time.  He fusses a bit and turns his head as he's supposed to, but then falls asleep.  This tummy time session went well and he was awake and mostly happy.
Tummy time!
Alex and I have been going on walks for the past several days now that I'm feeling better.  Alex carries Isaac in the Baby Bjorn and I walk along side.  We are only going about 3/4 of a mile, but I have to start somewhere.  Luckily we've had great weather lately.  Unfortunately, I don't think it is going to last.
Enjoying daddy's strong arms
And, not to forget about Roy.  We both make sure we spend plenty of time with him: lots of belly rubs and still two walks a day, courtesy of Alex.
Camera-shy Alex with Roy


  1. I love the baby updates! Isaac is such a cute baby! That third picture is adorable! Olivia HATED tummy time, but Leo was cool with it mostly. I think it is funny that Isaac wants to go to sleep sometimes. That is so eighties! (When that is how the pediatricians told moms to put their babies down.)

    And I LOVE the picture of Alex with Isaac in the Bjorn. Daddies carrying babies are the best! And Isaac looks so little in that picture even though I know he is getting so big!


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