The first week

I go between being enamored with Isaac to being tired and frustrated when sleep/eating/changing doesn't go well (mostly if this is combined with severe lack of sleep (plus my hormones.))  While I do get sleep, it comes in 20 min - 1.5 hour increments.  Last night was by far the best, we made it nearly 2 hours with uninterrupted sleep.  Woo hoo!

Alex has been great; he's been taking care of dishes, laundry, dinner, carrying Isaac up and down stairs for me.  Each day I'm healing a bit more and feeling a bit better.  I mostly hang out in the living room or nursery with Isaac and try not to use the stairs more than once a day per Dr.'s orders (which is really hard!) Pain-killers help and I'm already starting to cut back on them, which is nice.

Play gym time.  
Feeling content after eating.
Daddy helping out (giving mommy a break) with meal-time.


  1. He is beautiful, Heidi, and the photograph of Alex feeding him is incredibly moving. Broken sleep, and never enough of it, was the hardest thing for us. I'm sure that, for you, this is exacerbated by the recovery process. I love you guys very much. Here's looking forward to the day you can go up and down stairs whenever you want. {hug}

  2. You are doing great, Heidi! I know you are enjoying as many moments as you can and getting through the rest with as much grace as 1.5 hour increments of sleep will allow. He is beautiful! I love the pictures!


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