Roy, Baby, Anniversary

Let's start out on a happy note, shall we?  Our friend thought Roy needed a little gift so as not to feel left out when Isaac comes.  We've never done a plush toy or a squeeky toy.  This one combines them both and Roy LOVES it!  I really thought he'd tear through it quickly, but he has done remarkably well in not destroying it.  Thank you, Dawn!

In baby news: I'm ready.  Alex keeps saying he wants to meet the little guy.  I keep thinking "I'm just ready to not be pregnant anymore."  Now that I'm well into the 39th week, he can come anytime.  People talk about the 'nesting' phase & I think I've been there.  Sunday I did a lot of cleaning & that night I had oh so very many contractions and an overall rough night.  So much so that I called my Dr. the next day and they worked me in their schedule.  I'm still at 1cm & 50%, so not too much has changed.  I also had a great day on Tuesday: meaning lots of energy.  I haven't been as active the past two days, but that's mostly because I'm not sleeping all that well.  Aches, pains, & heartburn are the culprit.  Everyone at work today told me that I looked different, so who knows?

Gotta say, now that I've uploaded this picture, it almost looks ridiculous.
39 weeks & definitely dropped.  Can you tell a difference?
Let's end on a happy note:  Alex and I just celebrated our 8th anniversary. :-)  It's been a wonderful journey and I love him more each day.  I'm glad we had time just by ourselves  This allowed us to finish up school, find good jobs, & get settled in a house before baby.


  1. I can tell a difference! You are doing great, girl, and looking great, too! I am betting on Saturday. Come on, Isaac!!


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