Cleaning & dropping

Last week my sister closest in age, Christine, gave me a wonderful gift.  She had a green cleaning company do a top-to-bottom clean of my house.  They don't use harsh chemicals, so everything is safe for Roy and Isaac (whenever he comes.) It was wonderful having someone else dust, scrub the tub, clean windows, mop floors, and even clean out the microwave.  Thank you very much!!

Alex and I liked them so much we've decided to continue & have them come every two weeks.  There will still be plenty to do with laundry, dishes, and regular vacuuming with Roy in the house; this just makes it so much easier.  Especially while I move much slower now and when we'll be exhausted from being up with Isaac.

Speaking of Isaac, he has started his descent.  At my weekly Dr. appt on Thursday, the nurse practitioner said she was surprised he hasn't dropped yet.  Well, apparently he heard us and the whole next day I had lots of Braxton Hicks contractions and felt overall pretty miserable.  This was apparently due to him dropping.  On the plus side, I can breathe a bit easier now that he is lower (literally & figuratively.)  I'm excited to see what the Dr. says at my next appointment (this afternoon.)

Sorry, no pictures this time; I keep forgetting & it is delaying getting this up.


  1. Hooray! I'm glad they were good at cleaning!

    And I'll bet you do look different if Isaac has dropped!! You are getting so close!!


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