Shower & Bump

This past weekend we had a baby shower in my town hosted by friends.  It was a small yet fun gathering with great food and great company.  It was at a wine bar (I'm competing for coolest pregnant lady around.)

I'm super tired tonight, so I'm mostly going to bombard you with pictures instead of write a lot.  I hope you don't mind.
Enjoying my water.
I received lots of great and useful presents.
Including the cutest home-knitted sweater ever!
And color-coordinating bowls and spoons!

36 weeks - to tired to be color-coordinated tonight.  (I'm laughing b/c Alex said "Man, you're huge" as he looked through the camera!)


  1. Seriously, you look beautiful!! That first picture is fabulous!! Your smiles and expressions are so cute, too!! And you aren't huge...Isaac is! You look great!


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