One step closer

This past weekend, my oldest sister, Stephanie, came in to help get the nursery set up.  While the big stuff was completed (crib, rug, roman shades, curtains) it was all the little things that kept bugging me.  I had presents that needed unwrapping, new baby clothes that needed washing, and everything in general needed organizing.

My plan was to help along side her, but Saturday morning I got very light-headed/dizzy; my body's way of saying otherwise.  So, Stephanie pretty much did it all.  Thank you!  She reorganized closets & drawers, did a ton of laundry, unpacked & washed pacifiers & baby utensils, added to the hospital bag, helped me figure out duplicates to return, went with me to return items, picked up a few things still needed, trimmed the rug pad, and even vacuumed the top floor.  I contributed my two-cents when needed, helped organize a small bit, took a nap, told her thank you, and bought pizza.  I think I got the better end of the bargain, to be honest.

The only things left are to put in the car seats and fix the rocking chair (sorry Alex - that's your territory.)

In other news, I'm having more false labor pains; my body is getting ready. I'm hoping I don't go much past my Aug 13 due date.  The heartburn, muscle cramps, general aches and pains are getting a bit old.

Belly shot!

Does he resemble a beach-ball yet?


  1. You look great, and I know Stephanie was glad to help! Thanks for the tour, too! Great idea! The nursery looks great! And even if the car seats don't get in until you have the baby, Alex will have time to put them in while you are in the hospital. You are ready!!


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