Gifts and getting ready

This past weekend we went to visit DH's parents.  While there we were treated with wonderful gifts for the baby - clothes, books, and Alex added to the presents by buying some toys.  A family friend gave us cookies too!

We're getting closer to being ready.  I finished one more curtain panel - only one more to go!  Alex also set up the Pack-n-Play.  Now we'll have stuff on each floor of the house.  We want baby stuff up and around for Roy to get used to well before Isaac comes.  The dog training books said to do that as well as bring home a blanket that the baby was wrapped in before you bring home baby.  That way Roy can smell it and familiarize himself with baby so he isn't overly excited when he first meets the little guy.

In other news I'm exhausted.  I've decided to go to bed even earlier.  I was having problems getting up in the morning at a decent time (snooze is so tempting) and even more problems keeping up with housework. That extra hour of sleep is needed and much appreciated considering that I'm getting up twice a night now.

Only 4 weeks until full term and 6 weeks until the due date!


  1. Good for you getting to bed early! I am sure you need it!

    Good idea to have a place to lay Isaac on each floor!


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